How dog food is made: a look at the process

The manufacture of dog food involves the selection of quality ingredients, including proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The process includes crushing, mixing, cooking, extrusion, and rigorous quality control.

Hypoallergenic food for dogs and cats: the complete guide

Dogs and cats can also suffer from food allergies, and one of the most effective solutions to relieve their symptoms is hypoallergenic food. In this post, we will explore everything you need to know about this type of food.

How much and how my dog ​​should eat. Guide to be healthier

When we add a furry companion to the family we often ask ourselves this question "How much food should my dog ​​eat?"
Since there is no specific answer, in this article we are going to explain a little about the most important thing about good nutrition, maintaining a schedule, and based on what factors we calculate the amount of food you can give your dog.

7 ideas to get your dog in shape

Physical activity is essential to maintain the health of our dogs, as it helps prevent overweight and keep their metabolism in good condition. The amount of exercise needed varies depending on the age, size, and breed of the dog. Before starting sporting activities, it is advisable to have a veterinary check-up.


Inaba Churu for cats, an irresistible treat

Churu for cats, from Inaba Pet Food, are natural wet snacks that provide various benefits to felines, such as extra moisture, vitamin E and a low fat content. There are different types of Churu, such as the classic puree, stews, broths and fillets. Although they are low in calories, it is recommended not to exceed one or two Churu a day.

6 Plants that cats like

This article presents beneficial and safe plants for cats, which can be grown in gardens or pots. Among them is Nepeta Cataria (catnip), which has euphoric effects on felines and is a good insect repellent.

What is the best cat litter? Complete Guide

This article presents a complete guide on how to choose the best cat litter, detailing the different types available on the market, their advantages and disadvantages, properties and prices.

7 Causes and solutions why your cat doesn't want to use the litter box

This article explains the possible causes of a cat not using its litter box, whether due to poor hygiene habits or territorial marking, and offers appropriate solutions for each situation. It also emphasizes the importance of not punishing the cat and taking its needs and preferences into account when choosing and locating the litter box.


Protection of Animals and Plants of Montehermoso (PAM)

We introduce you to the Animal and Plant Protectorate of Montehermoso (PAM), dedicated to the rescue, care and promotion of adoptions of abandoned animals. Join us and help give these animals a new life.

Veterinarian at home in Madrid: Vet2Go

Do you need a veterinarian at home in Madrid? Vet2Go is the solution. An app that offers various veterinary services, from consultations and vaccines to surgeries. Discover more and take advantage of a 15% discount with our code.

Protector Villa Pepa

Meet Villa Pepa, a non-profit association dedicated to giving abandoned animals a second chance. For over 10 years, they have rescued and fostered over 700 animals. Find out how you can help them.

Cañada Project: Animal Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid

Discover Proyecto Cañada, an admirable initiative to improve the living conditions of animals in Cañada Real, Madrid. Financial aid, cybervolunteering or adoption: every gesture counts.


Where to throw dog poop?

Surely you have ever wondered where to throw your dog or cat's feces. If you are one of those people who care about waste recycling or if you are curious to know where you should deposit your pet's feces, you are in the right place. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

8 Tricks for when your dog doesn't want to eat food

Sometimes people who come to the store tell us that they need new food because the dog doesn't want to eat the one they have. However, the taste of the food is not always the reason why the dog does not want to eat it.


What is biofilm and why is it dangerous for your pet?

Biofilm is a microbial community composed mainly of bacteria, fungi and algae that develops in humid places and can pose a health risk to humans and pets. Biofilm microorganisms are responsible for multiple diseases and are highly resistant to antibiotics.

Dog Mountain The Canine Church

In the green hills of Vermont, Stephen Huneck, an artist and writer, erected Dog Mountain: a sanctuary for dogs. Unique in its kind, it is a space to celebrate the spiritual bond with our dogs. Come, enjoy and pay tribute.

Compostable vs biodegradable: for a more sustainable planet

Explore the difference between biodegradable and compostable products, and discover how small actions can have a big impact on protecting our planet.

Saint Anton's Day, patron saint of animals. Told by Neska, "The Wise Dog"

Neska, the mascot of Paraíso Mascota, shares the story of San Antón, patron saint of animals, celebrated on January 17. This 3rd century Egyptian saint showed great love and respect for animals, something unusual in his time.

The festivity includes the sale of bread rolls, which symbolize the harshness of life in the desert, the "circles of San Antón" through the streets and the blessing of pets to ask for health and protection. On this special day, it is customary to give a gift to pets.