Inaba Churu para gatos, una chuche irresistible

Inaba Churu for cats, an irresistible treat

The Churu for cats from the Japanese company Inaba Pet Food are sweeping among kittens, felines and michis. In this post we will tell you a little more about the products and the benefits they provide for your pet.

What is Churu for cats?

Churu are a natural treat or wet snack for cats that is tremendously addictive. These cat treats have a creamy, puree-like texture that felines love! Its composition is based mainly on chicken and tuna of the best quality. You can give it to him as a treat, mix it with his treat or use it as a wet supplement in his diet. Throughout this post you will learn everything you need to know about inaba churu for cats .

What benefits do churu provide to cats?

Churu treats are a fantastic option to treat your kitten since in addition to being irresistible, they provide many benefits:

    • They are a wet treat that provides the cat with that extra moisture it needs.
    • They are enriched with vitamin E
    • It is a very low fat snack. Each sachet provides only 6 kcal
    • It is very convenient and easy to manage

What types of Churu for cats are there?

The brand's most famous prizes are the classic churu of different flavors. We are referring to the puree-textured treat that is administered directly. But recently, Inaba has launched three new products on the market: stews, broths and steaks. The stews and broths look like chicken soup and we can find them in different flavors. Churu chicken tenders are chicken breast cooked in its own broth.

How much Churu can my cat take per day?

Churu are a healthy treat that is very low in calories (each envelope contains 6 Kcal). Taking into account that a cat's average daily calorie demand is about 70 Kcal, there would be no problem giving our cat more than one or two churus per day. You will stay hydrated and happy! You can try the different varieties to see which one is your pet's favorite. You can find all the available flavors of I naba churu for cats here.

Why are Churu so addictive to cats?

Most people think that cats' favorite food is fish, however, cats' favorite meat is chicken. Churu treats for cats are made with the best quality chicken meat, making it a natural treat whose flavor is very attractive to cats. This is one of the reasons why they seem to generate addiction for our four-legged friends.

Where to buy Churu in Madrid?

If you would like to buy churu for your cat and you are in Madrid, we encourage you to come to Paraíso Mascota. Our store is located in the Ciudad Pegaso area , very close to the Atlético de Madrid metropolitan stadium. If it is not close to your neighborhood, we encourage you to contact us by phone or WhatsApp at +34 613 00 98 28 to send the churu to your kitten =D If you want to buy churu for cats and you are in other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia , Seville... or in short any point in Spain, you can do it through our online store.

If your michi has not yet tried these delicious snacks for cats, don't wait any longer and give him the pleasure of enjoying a Churu! That's all for today, see you in our next post!