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7 ideas to get your dog in shape

The expression "a healthy mind in a healthy body" not only applies to humans, but also to our furry companions.

Physical activity is very important for dogs, who, like us, usually lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sport in dogs helps prevent overweight and keeps their metabolism in good condition. An activity that not even the laziest people can escape are walks. That is why it is so important that the ride is of quality; Going 10 minutes to the park next to the house does not cover the activity that your pet needs.

How much exercise should a dog get?

The appropriate amount of exercise varies depending on the breed or type of dog. However, everyone needs to train their body to have good health. Physical activity should be adjusted to your dog's abilities, taking into account its age, size and breed. Intense physical activity in puppies, older dogs, and overweight dogs can develop bone problems.

Small dogs need less exercise than large ones. If your dog belongs to the brachycephalic breeds (with a flat snout, such as a bulldog or pug) they should not do intense exercise. You must know the characteristics of your dog to adapt the activity to its needs.

The importance of physical activity in dogs

Playing sports maintains your metabolism, promotes muscle development and has a positive effect on the entire body, both physically and mentally.

We should get the dog used to daily physical activity from a puppy, to keep its posture in shape and avoid being overweight.

How to lose weight in an overweight dog?

If your dog is chubby and not used to sports, introduce physical activity little by little. You can, for example, lengthen the walks or throw the ball to him while you walk, but you should not start too hard, it can have negative consequences for him.

How long should a walk with the dog last?

There is no perfect universal walk for every dog. As we have mentioned, each race has its specific physical activity needs. It is advisable to take the dog out two to three times a day for at least 20 minutes.

Logically, the duration of the walk depends on the size of the dog. A half-hour walk for a small dog is not the same as for a large one.

Get a vet checkup before you start.

Before starting the adventure with sports, your furry friend would benefit from a check-up to ensure that he or she does not have health problems that could prevent physical activity.

Some of these contraindications for physical exercise are heart problems, injuries or joint problems. The latter tend to fail, especially in older and overweight dogs.

If you want to strengthen your pet's joints, there are several products that reinforce and strengthen them. You can give natural snacks with a high cartilage content , collagen sticks, food enriched with chondroitin or even chondroprotective supplements with chondroitin and glucosamine (chondrokin) .

Ideas for your dog to do more sports

Extend the walks

The easiest exercise to start physical activity with your dog is to lengthen the walks. Try new routes, discover your neighborhood and its surroundings. For example, you can lengthen the walk from 10 to 10 minutes each week. This way the dog will get used to making more effort without running the risk of suffering from exhaustion. This method is recommended especially for overweight and/or older dogs.

Go hiking with him

If you like hiking and enjoying nature, we assure you that your dog will love it too. Taking long routes is not only beneficial for your body, but also for your mind, since you get to know new places and smells that stimulate your brain and natural instincts. If you want to know more ways to stimulate your dog's mind, we advise you to take a look at this article.

Socialize with other dogs

The vast majority of dogs love encounters with other furry dogs. Take advantage of it and let him play with his new friend!

This way, you will not only play sports but also make friends, which benefits your mental health. If your dog is not very sociable, look for a dog owner among your friends, so that they get used to it little by little and your dogs also get along well. A good companion for walks is worth gold.

Play with your dog

The game of life is fetching the ball, but not all dogs understand what the game is about. The games you can play with your dog to increase his physical activity are endless: chase him and then he chases you, hide treats in an area and make him look for them, tug of war with a rope, etc.

Apply your creativity, think about what things your dog likes and have a good time together.

Dog training

Dog training has many advantages, not only for the owner, but also for his dog.

A training session forces the dog to move and thus burn calories. You can teach him basic things like sit or lie down, and level up with more sophisticated commands like always going by your side or going around.


Jogging with the dog tied to your waist is the latest trend in Spain. If you like running and your dog does too, canicross may be an ideal sport for you.

There are several groups that organize this type of activities, it is easy to find them on the internet or on social networks. Remember that running long distances is very tiring and requires good physical condition. Take into account your pet's possibilities. Canicross is a sport focused on large and medium breed dogs.


All dogs naturally know how to swim, and some love it!

Why not take a trip to the lake or reservoir, where your dog could enjoy a good bath?

Swimming is a sport that perfectly aligns the figure and also does not put your dog's joints at risk as happens in the case of jogging.


Physical activity is essential to maintain good health in your dog. There are several ways to activate your pet to lose weight or maintain its figure, as long as we take its needs into account.

It is always advisable to do an initial check-up at the veterinarian to ensure that there are no contraindications to doing the sport. Consistency and regularity are important to get into the routine and not overload your pet's physical capacity.

That's all for today, see you in the next post =D