Proyecto Cañada: Protectora de Animales de la Comunidad de Madrid

Cañada Project: Animal Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid

As you already know, at Paraíso Mascota we feel a deep love for animals. Unfortunately, not all animals have the same opportunities and there are many that need everyone's help. Today we would like to talk to you about some friends who do admirable work and dedicate their lives to helping those most in need. They are Project Cañada .

What is Cañada Project?

They are an association that fights for the welfare of animals in one of the most depressed areas of Madrid (Sector 6 of Cañada Real). Among the many actions they carry out, they offer on-site veterinary services, help families in the area to raise their furry animals, act as a link between abandoned or discarded animals (usually mistreated) in the area and other associations, houses foster or adoptive families. Their work is not only focused on dogs, they also help cats, pigs and even some ponies.

How did Cañada Project come about?

It is an altruistic project that arises with the hope, enthusiasm and objective of improving the living conditions of many animals that live poorly in the Cañada Real. They have been visiting the area since 2014, talking to its inhabitants and creating a bond with them. Thanks to this work, a certain trust has been generated and there is direct contact with the people who live there and therefore with their animals.

How can I collaborate with Proyecto Cañada?

These types of projects have many difficulties in being able to move forward. It is thanks to people, often anonymous, who dedicate their effort, time and money to contributing to this noble cause.

Next, we are going to explain how you can collaborate with them.


Every Tuesday, Proyecto Cañada sets up a mobile veterinarian where they treat, vaccinate, chip and try to castrate the animals that visit them. In addition, they strive to inform and raise awareness among owners about the importance of animal welfare. For this and other actions they carry out, acts of generosity and altruism towards animals are very important.

You can collaborate with Proyecto Cañada through the following means:

  • Paypal (It is important to check the box for sending to family or friends to avoid the commission)
  • Bank transfer: ES02 2038 1835 2660 0042 3220

Click here to see other ways to make donations to Proyecto Cañada.


In today's world, dissemination and presence on social networks is very important. You can support the project by following its publications on social networks and sharing them with your contacts to reach as many people as possible.

Become a Teamer:

For just €1 a month, you will be helping to save many lives. The animals that live poorly in the ravine, often in situations of abandonment and abuse, will be infinitely grateful for this gesture.

Express or indefinite reception:

Proyecto Cañada collects those animals that have been abandoned or that for various reasons their owners no longer want. In these cases, speed of action to get them out of there is essential. The association looks for houses that welcome these animals and give them the care and love they deserve.

They currently have a large list of furry dogs looking for a cozy home and a family that loves them. Through this link you can consult that list .

In the following photos you can see the before and after of Gordo, a puppy rescued by Proyecto Cañada.

Solidarity Store

Through its solidarity store , you can contribute to the project since all the profits from the purchase are entirely destined to help the animals of the Cañada Real.

Visit their online store and contribute your grain of sand =)

As you have seen, Proyecto Cañada is an association that carries out great work with animals in one of the most depressed areas of the Community of Madrid. All paws are welcome and all the help you can provide is well received. Be sure to follow them on their social networks to stay up to date with their events and actions. From Paraíso Mascota we encourage you to give a second chance to the furry ones in shelters waiting for a family to take them in and the love they need so much. See you soon!