plantas que les gustan a los gatos

6 Plants that cats like

The Internet is full of articles about plants that are toxic to cats, to balance the scales, today we present you a different post.

What plants are good for cats? What plants do felines like?

If you have a cat and are lucky enough to have a garden or even a terrace, you can make an aromatic garden for their enjoyment. There are several beneficial plants for cats, which promote their health, and sometimes also improve their mood.

If you want to know the plants suitable for cats that you can grow in your garden or in a pot, this post is for you.

1 - Nepeta Cataria (Catnip):

Also known as catnip, catnip, cat basil, catnip, catnip.

What is catnip

It is the best-known plant in the feline world, catnip is used as a filler for toys and scratching posts.

The active substance in catnip is nepetalactone, which produces a euphoric effect in cats. It is a plant that michis really like. Not like it, it drives them crazy! They sniff, eat its flowers, chew and rub themselves with their face or body.

Effects of catnip on cats

In each cat the effect may be a little different. At first, the cat affected by catnip feels very relaxed, rubbing against the plant or the catnip-filled toy.

A high dose can cause ecstasy in your cat and strange behaviors, comparable to feline sexual rituals. The ecstasy effect caused by catnip lasts approximately 15 minutes and after this time, the cat becomes resistant to the stimulant for at least an hour.

Catnip benefits

Catnip, in addition to being fun for your pet, is also a decorative element for your garden. Its little pink or purple flowers attract felines, but catnip is a good repellent for insects , especially mosquitoes.

How to give catnip to the cat?

There is a wide variety of products for cats with dry Catnip such as bags of cat grass , catnip-scented scratchers , balls...

The latest addition to the catnip toy market is catnip avocado . This toy can be placed on any surface and causes real admiration for the little ones!

But there is one product that deserves special attention, catnip sprays . They are the essence of catnip ready to spray on your toys, which are easier to use and do not make a mess. You can also, according to the idea of ​​this post, grow catnip in your garden or on a terrace.

Is catnip dangerous for cats?

Catnip is not dangerous for cats, but absorbing a large amount of nepetalactone can cause strange behavior in cats.

For this reason , it is advisable to close the windows and doors so that the cat does not hurt itself escaping from home .

My cat doesn't like catnip

There are approximately 30% of cats that are not affected by catnip.

Doesn't catnip do anything to your cat? Don't worry!

Try some of the following plants that are good for cats.

2 - Cat's thyme ( Teucrium Marum )

The small leaves of this plant make it look very similar to the thyme we use in cooking, but its aroma is different. If your cat does not react to catnip, you should try cat thyme. In summer it blooms with very fragrant pink flowers.

The effect of cat thyme is relaxing, sedative and they become very happy. In addition, it has antiseptic properties and relieves respiratory problems such as cough and asthma.

Cat thyme grows well in a fertile substrate, in full sun and with good drainage.

3 - Cymbopogon

Also known as lemon grass, citronella, lemon grass or lemongrass

It is a decorative plant with long, thin leaves that can also be a toy for your cat. It has a stimulating effect like other catnip plants. In addition, it exerts antibiotic, antimiotic (against fungi) and antimutagenic activity.

Apart from being a plant for cats, lemongrass is widely used in Far Eastern cuisines, among others, it is used in the preparation of the famous curry paste.

4 – Valerian root ( Valeriana Officinalis )

You've probably heard of its sedative properties for humans. Valerian tea is a common remedy in traditional medicines that is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, stress and also pain in humans.

Effects of valerian on cats

In cats, valerian root has a quite opposite effect, although it does not work the same in all felines.

It also reduces your stress levels, but is stimulating and encourages play and movement. For some it calms them down and makes them very happy. In fact, valerian can be a good remedy for overweight cats, since it makes them more playful and active.

In general, the effect of valerian root on cats is similar to that of catnip. The smell of valerian tends to attract cats a lot.

Is Valerian root safe for my cat?

Completely! In fact, valerian helps the cat relax and helps with anxiety.

5 – Catnip

There are several species of herbs that are often called catnip, especially catnip.

However, other plants good for cats under the name catnip are often sold as seeds to plant grass for cats. They are mainly oats, wheat, dactylis glomerata. These herbs are not aromatic, but ingested by the cat, they have beneficial effects on its health. Among other beneficial effects: they improve digestion, prevent the formation of hairballs and provide some less common nutrients in feed.

Why do cats eat grass?

The cat is a carnivorous animal, but it takes advantage of plants to provide the body with nutrients that do not appear in its daily diet, such as some vitamins, minerals and other microelements.

In addition, thanks to the high fiber content, plants stimulate the digestive system of cats.

6 – Licorice root ( Helichrysum Petiolare)

Licorice root contains more than 400 chemicals, including flavonoids and coumarins, and is therefore a natural treat with several benefits for felines.

It is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, it promotes digestive processes. Additionally, it helps with respiratory problems such as asthma, coughs, and colds. Licorice root also has a mild laxative effect, making it a natural remedy for constipation in cats.

Is licorice safe for cats?

Yes, licorice root is not toxic, and it is 100% safe for your feline, as long as there are no veterinary contradictions.

When can there be veterinary contradictions?

It is better to refrain from using licorice in your cat if he has hypertension problems, since the high level of sugar it contains increases blood pressure.

Did you know these properties of these plants that cats like?

If you have any questions about this topic or any other, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer them. Until next time =D