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Spanish dog food brands

When choosing the food we are going to give our pet, we take into account a series of factors that influence our final decision. But... Have you ever wondered where the food your dog eats is made?

Spain is one of the best producers of pet food worldwide. This is, among other things, thanks to the quality of the raw materials used to prepare the food.

One of the main advantages of dog food manufactured in Spain is its quality-price ratio. For an affordable price we can get a product with very good quality for our dog. Below, we show you some of the best Spanish brands of dog food.

Dog food brands manufactured in Spain

Among the Spanish dog food manufacturers we can find a few that offer high quality feed at a very competitive price.

Spanish pet food factories are distributed throughout the country. We find factories in the area of ​​the Basque Country, Catalonia, Madrid, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla León, Murcia...

Below we present some of the best brands of dog food manufactured in Spain.

Satisfaction feed

Satisfaction feed is manufactured in Zaragoza, it uses the best quality raw materials to produce its pet food.

It presents three ranges of food, Satisfaction Premium, Nature and Grain Free that adapt to the different needs of furry dogs. Among them you will find food for puppies of various sizes, adults, seniors and dogs with special needs such as food allergies or weight problems.

This brand offers a balanced, healthy and highly digestible pet food, this is thanks to its manufacturing process that guarantees the total cooking of the food at a low temperature to preserve the properties of the food.


Ownat feed is recognized nationally. Manufactured in the province of Lérida, it is a natural food for dogs and cats.

The origin of the ingredients in their feed is local and they use fresh meat and fish. Ownat feed is free of preservatives and artificial colors.

The brand offers us several ranges that adapt to the different needs of each animal. We find the Ownat Classic range with quality feed at a very affordable price, the Just Grain Free range that offers us the most economical grain-free feed on the market and other ranges such as prime, care or hypoallergenic.

Custom Diet

Without a doubt, the concept proposed by Custom Diet food for dogs is innovative and very interesting. This food is divided into breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast provides more energy to face the day, while dinner contains less calories and relaxing herbs for light digestion and deep rest.

It is a grain free food that has six varieties available for adult dogs and two for puppies. Among the available flavors we find beef, rabbit, tuna, salmon, lamb and turkey.

The composition of this dog food is prepared by veterinarians thinking about the physiological needs of dogs and has a high content of meat and animal ingredients.


The Dibaq feed brand is a benchmark for quality in pet food. It has a factory in the province of Segovia where it produces its feed for dogs and cats.

It is a natural feed made with quality ingredients and under rigorous quality control. Among its different ranges we find Sense, a grain-free food with an excellent composition for both dogs and cats. In addition, it has other cheaper ranges but maintaining high levels of quality such as Dicat, or Dibaq Natural Moments.

They also have a range of high quality wet dog food available.


Carnivoro is another of the feed brands manufactured in Spain that is very interesting. It offers an economical dog food with a composition based on meat or fish and rice. In addition, among the ingredients of carnivorous feed we can find salmon oil for the skin and coat and chondroprotectors to care for the joints.

For a price starting at €33.95 we have 15 kg of healthy and balanced food for your dog.

Among its available varieties we can find carnivorous lamb, salmon, chicken, light and puppy feed.

Dog#1 SumSum (Summum)

Dog#1 Summum dog food is a very complete food with a composition rich in meat and animal ingredients.

Manufactured in Toledo, this brand's dog food has the particularity of offering 18 kg bags at a very affordable price. Without a doubt Dog#1 from Summum is the best cheap dog food, both for its composition and its sales price.

If we look at its ingredients we see that it uses a high percentage of meat and its cereal content is moderate. Without a doubt, if you are looking to buy cheap, quality food for your dog, it is a very interesting option.

Here you can find some of the best cheap dog food .


In this post we show you some of the dog food brands manufactured in Spain, as you have seen their quality is exceptional, surpassing some of the most recognized brands worldwide.

If you want your pet to feed with feed manufactured in Spain, you will surely find an option that adapts to your needs.

At Paraíso Mascota we are committed to national feed to support our local economy.

That's all for today, now you can visit our online store =D See you in our next post!

Why buy Spanish feed?

Buying your dog's food from a brand that produces it in Spain has a positive impact for both the owner and the Spanish economy.

  • The natural feed manufactured in Spain uses local raw materials of the best quality, obtaining a balanced, healthy and delicious food.
  • You promote a circular economy, helping local businesses and merchants grow.
  • You reduce the carbon footprint. By purchasing feed manufactured in Spain, you are avoiding the need to import it from abroad and thereby shortening the path of the product between the manufacturer and the end customer.

How to choose the right food for my dog?

To choose a feed that adapts to the needs of our pet , we must take into account a series of aspects that may be important:

  • We must take into account the characteristics of our pet: age, size, special needs (allergies), their daily physical activity...
  • Dogs are carnivorous animals by nature, therefore the first ingredient in the feed must be a source of animal protein (meat or fish).
  • Try to respect the daily amount of food recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The feed must provide carbohydrates for our pet, for this it may contain cereals, sweet potatoes, potatoes... In the case of cereals, the best is rice and they should not be the predominant ingredient of the food.
  • The feed can be enriched with natural oils, fruits, vegetables...