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StarchLy Bio Compostable Hygienic Bags - Pack

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Product description

StarchLy Biobags are an eco-friendly product for daily use and respectful of the environment. By using them you are contributing to the conservation of the environment while reducing your carbon footprint since they are not made with plastic materials from petroleum.

Why choose StarchLy eco-friendly bags?

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Eco friendly
  • Highly resistant, they do not break or leak
  • With a pleasant and natural aroma
  • You reduce your impact on the environment
  • Made in the European Union

Do you know the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

Biodegradable plastics break down into very small particles called microplastics that circulate through the environment and are present in all living organisms. Therefore, just because a product carries the biodegradable label does not always guarantee that it is completely respectful of the environment and does not leave residues on it. On the other hand, a compostable product decomposes into compost (an organic material obtained from the decomposition of organic waste). Compost is a natural fertilizer of excellent quality . You can learn more here about the differences between compostable and biodegradable .

What certificates and standards do StarchLy bags comply with?

The biopolymer used for its manufacture is obtained from corn starch and has the OK compost HOME® and OK compost INDUSTRIAL® certificates . The
StarchBag bags comply with EN13432 , are resistant and decompose into fertilizer in a home composter.

Pack of 8 rolls (120 bags)

Product characteristics
Size 20cm x 31.5cm
Welding type Star heat sealing
bag thickness 18µm
Quantity per roll 15 bags
Colors Green, pink
Material Biopolymer (PLA, corn starch)
Certificates OK Compost Home, OK Compost Industrial

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StarchLy Bio Compostable Hygienic Bags - Pack

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