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Natural Snack Pork Crispets

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Product description

Pork crispetes are a natural and tasty snack that will delight your dog while providing a series of health benefits.

These crispetes are made from braided and dehydrated pork nerve, which gives them a crunchy texture and an irresistible flavor . Dogs really appreciate this type of natural treats.

Join us as we explore the reasons why pork crispetes are an excellent choice for pampering your furry friend.

Features and benefits of crispetes:

  1. Strengthening teeth: the chewing action of pork crisps contributes to strengthening your dog's teeth.
    By chewing these snacks, your furry friend exercises his jaws and teeth, which can help maintain good dental health and reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

  2. Great energy power: pork crispetes are a source of energy for your dog. Thanks to their dehydration process, they preserve the essential nutrients present in the pork nerve, providing your pet with a boost of energy.
    This is especially beneficial for active dogs, growing puppies, or those requiring additional calorie intake.

  3. Promotes intestinal transit: these natural snacks are rich in fiber, which can contribute to healthy intestinal transit in your dog. Fiber promotes proper digestion and helps prevent problems such as constipation.
    By offering pork briskets as part of their diet, you can help maintain a healthy digestive system.

  4. Rich in vitamin B1: Pork crisps are a natural source of vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. This vitamin is essential for energy metabolism and the proper functioning of the nervous system.
    By providing these snacks to your dog, you are contributing to their general well-being and supporting multiple vital functions in their body.

Benefits of natural snacks for dogs:

  • They promote dental health by promoting chewing, helping to reduce plaque buildup and bad breath.
  • They provide entertainment and mental stimulation , keeping your dog busy and happy.
  • They contribute to a balanced diet , adding variety and additional nutrients.
  • They are a healthy option compared to commercial snacks that may contain artificial additives and preservatives.
  • They provide vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients to your pet.

With pork briskets, you can pamper your dog with a natural and beneficial snack that strengthens his teeth, gives him energy, promotes his intestinal transit and is rich in vitamin B1.

Watch how your furry friend enjoys himself while savoring this delicious treat full of goodness for his health!

Small pieces of dried pork nerve, cured and arranged in a braid. It is a natural source of easily digestible animal protein. It helps strengthen teeth and has great energy power.

This snack is suitable for young and adult dogs of all breeds.

Each bag contains 75 grams.

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Natural Snack Pork Crispets

€2,80 EUR
€2,40 EUR

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