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Satisfaction Dog Withlove Wet Puppy Chicken

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Product description

Complete wet food for puppies of all breeds. During the early growth phase of puppies, the transition from mother's milk to solid food occurs. Weaning occurs. During this process the dog's digestive enzymes are adapting to the new type of food. It is very important that the proteins provided in this phase are highly digestible and easily assimilated.

Chicken and vegetables are ingredients characterized by their high digestibility and palatability. They also have a very high nutritional value, providing the necessary amino acids so that the dog can make its own proteins.

Satisfaction With Love wet food for puppies is enriched with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Two chondroprotectors that promote proper joint growth. It is also a wet food that has a balanced contribution of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen the puppy's bone system. Without a doubt With Love is one of the best wet foods you can give your puppy.

What is Satisfaction With Love?

It is a wet dog food made with all your needs in mind. With a select recipe that incorporates top quality ingredients, it guarantees a balanced, healthy and complete diet. Thanks to the freshness and quality of the ingredients used, it has a delicious flavor that all furry dogs love.

  • Satisfaction With love is the best wet dog food for several reasons:
  • Uses high quality animal proteins. This contributes to muscle formation and maintenance. Uses animal fats as a source of energy.
  • The meat in their recipes is highly palatable and its proteins have a high biological value. They help maintain a healthy weight.
  • With Love cans are a wet dog food completely free of grain and cereals (grain free).
  • Meat proteins are highly digestible and provide the amino acids necessary for the dog's daily life.
  • Satisfaction With Love wet food only has natural preservatives. No synthetic additives.

What benefits does wet dog food have?

  • Wet food is an excellent way to provide extra hydration to the dog. When our pet does not drink enough water, wet food can be a good ally.
  • There are times when furry dogs are a little special about eating dry food. If our pet is very demanding and rejects most foods, it can be a good way to tempt him.
  • A quality wet food, such as satisfaction with love, provides quality nutrients and high biological value. In addition, it can be a good tool for weight control since it has a satiating effect.
  • It is a great option to combine with dry food and reward your friend from time to time. Its delicious flavor will make you enjoy your food to the fullest.

Satisfaction With Love Composition for Puppies:

Chicken (31%), beef, salmon oil, potato (5% from dehydrated), carrots (5% from dehydrated), broccoli (3% from dehydrated).
Nutritional additives: Vit. A/3a672a/Retinyl acetate 720 Ul/kg - Vit. E/3a700/RRR- -tocopheryl acetate 1.80 Ul/kg - Vit. B8/3a880/Biotin 0.04 mg/kg - Vit. B9/3a316/Folic acid 0.06 mg/kg - Cu/3b405/Copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate 0.96 mg/kg - Fe/3b101/Iron (II) carbonate (siderite) 3.77 mg/ kg - Mn/3b502/Manganese (II) oxide 2.38 mg/kg - Zn/3b603/Zinc oxide 11.83 mg/kg - I/3b201/Potassium iodide 0.47 mg/kg.

Analytical Components
Crude protein 8.00%
Raw fibers 1.40%
Crude oils and fats 6.80%
Inorganic material 1.70%
Humidity 80.90%
Metabolizable energy 889 kcal/kg

Format: 400 gram cans.

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Satisfaction Dog Withlove Wet Puppy Chicken

€2,71 EUR

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