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  • Type: dry feed

Platinum Adult Chicken

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Product description

The whole meat pieces are chopped, mixed with the other ingredients and cooked in their own juice at a temperature never higher than 95 º C. Vitamins and other heat-sensitive nutrients are added when the product mass is at room temperature, with which can guarantee its stability and availability for the animal. Platinum is widely accepted by all dogs. Our special manufacturing process provides the highest level of palatability, exceptional flavor and nutritional quality, taking special care of all the heat-sensitive nutrients contained in all its natural ingredients, also enhancing their assimilation Platinum makes the difference in digestibility, avoiding digestive problems and improving the general appearance of the animal.

Format : 15Kg (3x5kg), 5Kg, 1.5Kg

Ingredients :

Fresh chicken meat (70%), rice, chicken fat, corn (non-GMO), chicken meat meal, hydrolyzed chicken meat, dehydrated brewer's yeast, dehydrated apple pulp, alfalfa, salmon oil, extract of cassava, cold pressed linseed oil, cold pressed olive oil, green lip mussel extract, milk thistle seeds, dried fennel, sarsaparilla roots, dried artichoke, nasturtium, chamomile extract, dandelion, dried gentian , potassium chloride.

Analytical components:

  • Crude protein 26.0%
  • Gross fiber 2.0%
  • Crude oils and fats 16.0%
  • Calcium 1.5%
  • Gross ash 7.9%
  • Phosphorus 1.0%
  • Humidity (natural content) 19.0%

Additives per Kg:

Vitamin A10000 IE, vitamin D3 1600 IE, vitamin E 150mg, vitamin K1 2mg, vitamin B1 3mg, vitamin B2 4mg, vitamin B6 4mg, vitamin B12 40mcg, niacin 20mg, pantothenic acid 8mg, folic acid 300mcg, biotin 100mcg, choline 500mg, manganese 90mg, iodine 1.5mg, cobalt 1mg, zinc 190mg, copper 19mg, iron 75mg

Preserved with natural potassium sorbate. Vitamin-based antioxidants: natural Tocopherol extracts.

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Platinum Adult Chicken

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