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Satisfaction Dog Light

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Product description

Overweight in dogs is a problem that needs to be solved. An overweight dog is more prone to diseases and its quality of life is reduced. To avoid being overweight, it is advisable to follow a diet with low fat content. In addition, it is important that the fiber content is higher to contribute to weight loss. You can tell if your dog is overweight by checking our blog . Satisfaction Light food is formulated based on the needs of dogs whose weight is higher than recommended for their size or breed. Overweight dogs have special requirements that are different from those of a dog in good physical condition. It is important that the diet is balanced in relation to their activity and needs, which is why it is a low-fat, high-fiber feed. It is also very beneficial to supplement with chondroprotectors to relieve joint pain.

In addition to proper nutrition, to reduce overweight in dogs, it is highly recommended to do physical exercise with them. Taking long walks and playing in the park can be good examples of exercise.

When we talk about overweight dogs, we are referring to those dogs whose figure is distorted and whose weight is higher than recommended for their breed or size.

These dogs need to reduce their fat content, to do this the fiber content is increased and the amount of fat is reduced compared to other feeds. Therefore, they must have a moderate energy intake appropriate to their needs and that allows them to achieve their weight goal.

Satisfaction Light food has a series of benefits that make it the best food for dogs that are overweight or have a tendency to gain weight.

What benefits does Satisfaction Light Feed provide?

  • It is enriched with L-Carnitine that helps transform fat into energy. Helps reduce overweight problems.
  • Satisfaction light feed is low in fat and contains a high fiber and protein content for weight control or loss.
  • Enriched with chondroprotectors for cartilage regeneration and reducing joint wear caused by excessive weight.
  • It contains an adjusted amount of protein and energy to promote weight loss.
  • The chicken and rice with which it is made guarantees that it is an easily digestible feed suitable for losing weight.
  • Taurine contributes to the proper functioning of the heart and vision.
  • Contains Bioflavonoids, they are natural cellular antioxidants (vitamins C and E) that come from citrus fruits and promote the development of the immune system.

infographic benefits I think satisfaction light

Satisfaction Light feed is made with fresh chicken and has the appropriate energy and fiber levels to contribute to weight loss. In addition, it contains a balanced contribution of calcium and phosphorus. Together with the extra chondroprotectors (glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate) to protect the joints from wear and tear caused by excess weight.

The size of the kibble is suitable for all breeds , being easy to chew and eat by animals weighing over 5 kg.

Overweight dogs require a quality diet that provides the nutrients and energy necessary for their daily lives, but without increasing their weight. Overweight dogs need a low-fat feed with a lot of fiber. Satisfaction Light feed is formulated taking all these aspects into account.

In addition to adequate feed such as satisfaction light, it is necessary to exercise. For the dog to be able to reduce its weight, it is important to go for a walk, play with it in the park, not give it excessive treats or look for ones that are low in fat. Following a strict diet with the recommended daily amounts for the ideal weight and with physical exercise, excess weight will disappear.

The manufacturing process of Satisfaction feed guarantees the adequate cooking of all the ingredients during extrusion, making it a feed with low allergenic capacity. Furthermore, thanks to this manufacturing process , optimal use of the nutrients provided by the ingredients is obtained.

The quality raw material and the manufacturing process make satisfaction the best food for overweight dogs since its amount of fat is very low and it has a high fiber content.

Composition of Satisfaction Light Feed:

Rice (39%), dehydrated chicken proteins, fresh chicken (min. 10%), corn gluten, beet pulp, chicken fat, brewer's yeast, liver hydrolyzate, dehydrated whole egg, dicalcium phosphate, rich citrus extracts in bioflavonoids (0.00049%), glucosamine (0.004%), yucca schidigera extract, chondroitin sulfate (0.004%), vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 20,000 IU/Kg; Vitamin D3: 1,600 IU/Kg; Vitamin E: 400 mg/Kg; Biotin: 0.8 mg/Kg; Cu: 11 mg/Kg.; Cobalt: 1.7 mg/Kg; Iron: 83 mg/Kg; Iodine: 3.9 mg/Kg; Manganese: 8.3 mg/Kg; Zinc: 165 mg/Kg; Selenium: 0.2 mg/Kg; Taurine: 990 mg/Kg; L-Carnitine: 110 mg/Kg.

Analytical Composition of Satisfaction Light Feed:

Analytical Components
Crude protein 20.00%
Raw fibers 4.50%
Crude oils and fats 10.00%
Inorganic material 7.50%
Humidity 8.00%
Calcium 1.20%
Match 0.90%

Formats: 3 Kg and 15 Kg

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Satisfaction Dog Light

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