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Menforsan Shampoo Eliminates Odors - Talc

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Product description

Top quality shampoo that acts by neutralizing and eliminating the odor-causing molecules present in the animal's fur in addition to providing a fantastic note of talcum odor.

It contains ingredients that are fixed throughout the body and hair of the animal, from the roots to the tips, and that have the ability to adsorb and eradicate the bad odors present, both those generated naturally and the environmental ones that have been created. fixed to the body.

The collagen in its formula revitalizes, hydrates and restores the healthy and natural appearance of the coat.

Format: 300ml


  • neutral pH
  • Without parabens
  • Concentrated formula
  • Very mild surfactants
  • Deodorizing action
  • Contains bad odor eliminating active ingredients
  • Color blue
  • Fragrance: very pleasant TALC
  • ES Registration Number: 02155-H
  • PT Registration No.: 1015/00/19PUVPT


Moisten the fur with plenty of warm water. Apply the shampoo to the neck, back, hands and paws. Massage until you get a rich, creamy foam and leave it to act for a few moments. Rinse and let the dog shake off. Dry with a towel and remove traces of moisture with a dryer while brushing your hair.

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Menforsan Shampoo Eliminates Odors - Talc

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