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Agrinov fescue hay 1 Kg for rabbits and rodents

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Product description

Agrinov's fescue hay is specially planted and cared for with rodent feeding in mind.

The hay is dehydrated and dried in the sun without any transformation via the factory. This makes its color, smell and flavor as natural as possible for pets' taste. The main difference of this hay for rodents compared to other brands is its naturalness. Before packaging, a manual selection of the hay is carried out to ensure that there are no impurities in the bag that have managed to save the treatment.

It is also worth noting that the natural drying process in the sun preserves all the nutritional, aroma and flavor properties of the plant. During the collection process, only clean fescue is collected, which guarantees hay with longer fibers and better quality, since it has a greater amount of protein.

Fescue hay is suitable for several types of rodents: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters, making it an essential complement to your pet's diet. Thanks to its high fiber content, hay helps your pet digest properly, promoting intestinal function and boosting the immune system.

How should I give hay to my pet?

Hay is a food supplement that must be administered every day at the rodent's free disposal. It should be placed in a feeder and kept clean and fresh. It can also be used as a bedding to give the animal greater comfort and warmth. The rodent must always have clean, fresh water at its disposal. Fescue hay is perfect to give every day to your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla and can be combined with other hays to vary the flavor a little. It is recommended that the hay be fresh and in good condition, otherwise the animal will reject it.

How much hay should my pet eat?

First of all, we must keep in mind that rodents must always have hay at their disposal, since their correct state of health depends on it.
- Chinichilla: 83% of its diet should be hay.
- Rabbit: 80% of its diet should be hay.
- Guinea pig: 81% of its diet should be hay.

What benefits does hay provide to rodents?

It is a natural contribution of fiber that guarantees the proper functioning of your digestive system, as well as a enhancer of your immune system. Prevents dental, digestive and growth problems. Its calorie content is very low so it helps keep your pet at an appropriate weight. In addition, chewing hay is a natural way to wear down and clean rodents' teeth, preventing their excessive growth and the negative consequences it has.

What types of fescue hay does Agrinov have?

  • Dandelion
  • Chamomile
  • Apple
  • Carrot

Why should you choose Agrinov fescue hay?

Agrinov hay is of exceptional quality with long fiber, rich in proteins and with a natural aroma and flavor for rodents. In addition, its price is one of the most competitive since by coming directly from the farmer, many costs are reduced in the supply chain. Agrinov hay bags contain 1 kg of product, so a larger quantity is offered at a more economical price.

This food for rodents from Agrinov is completely free of weeds since the field is cared for so that fescue is the only plant that takes root in the ground. There is exhaustive control of weeds to prevent their establishment through annual sulfation of the land with zero residue products, which completely avoid any harmful substance. In addition, every year the soil is fertilized to enrich the product and twice a year a foliar fertilizer is carried out to enrich the plant and help it make its color greener and promote the elimination of possible fungi and bacteria.

Agrinov's fescue hay comes from Aragonese crop fields, being a high quality and local product.

Format: 1 kg bags

Bag size: 40x28x8cm

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Agrinov fescue hay 1 Kg for rabbits and rodents

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