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Carbon Core Soakers 30 units.

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Product description

M-pets puppy training pads give your little friend the opportunity to quickly adapt to a place to carry out your needs. You should place this pad in a dry place, on a tiled floor and away from your furry companion's feeding area so that he can get used to it quickly and in an appropriate place.

This product is made with high-quality, durable materials and a plastic coating so that they do not break easily. Count on a drying gel that provides immediate absorption to prevent any leaks. Furthermore, they are antibacterial, they absorb odors and moisture, and thanks to their great deodorizing effect, they keep your home odor-free unpleasant.


  • Training pads for puppies.
  • They help your pet get used to a specific place to do its business.
  • They are antibacterial.
  • They absorb odors and moisture.
  • Great deodorizing effect that keeps the home free of bad odors.
  • They prevent any type of leak.
  • Made with high quality resistant materials.

30 units

Sizes :

  • 1: 33x45cm
  • 2: 45x60cm
  • 3: 60x60cm
  • 4: 90x60cm


Puppy training mats, suitable for teaching your pet where to relieve himself.

Recommendations for use:

  • Place the soaker away from the feeding area in a dry location.
  • Replace the pad every day to keep your home clean.
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Carbon Core Soakers 30 units.

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