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  • Type: dry feed

Salmon and Tuna Sum Sum

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Product description

SumSum's fish (salmon and tuna) dog food (Summum) is a dog food made with natural and quality ingredients. It is enriched with chondroprotectors to protect the joints and ligaments of the furry ones, with hepatic protectors for the liver.

If your pet is one of those dogs that goes crazy with fish, then they will love this food.

The fatty acids present in fish (omega 3 and omega 6) improve the shine and softness of the coat. In addition, they act as a booster for the immune system.

Composition of SumSum feed (Summum) Tuna and salmon:

Dehydrated tuna 12%, dehydrated salmon 10%, dehydrated pork, brown rice 8%, Iberian pork lard, rice, vegetable flours, whole barley, corn, pasta and bread flour, chicken liver 3%, fish oil 2% , apple 2%, honey, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, thyme, rosemary, green tea, purple echinacea, liver protectors (milk thistle, boldo and camelina oil). Glucosamine 900 mg/kg, chondroitin 600 mg/kg).

Analytical composition:

Crude protein 29%, crude fatty oils 14%, crude fibers 3%, inorganic matter 9%, calcium 2.1%, phosphorus 1.6%, moisture 9%, lysine 1.6%, Omega 3-3 fatty acids, 06%, fatty acids: Omega 6 5.89%, DHA 0.53%, EPA 0.38%.

Additives: Vitamins and provitamins: vitamin A (E672) 22000 IU, vitamin D-3 (E671): 1600 IU, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 450 mg.

Nutritional additives: E1 iron (iron sulfate monohydrate): 130 mg/kg: E2 iodine (anhydrous calcium iodate) 0.1 mg/kg; E4 copper (cupric sulfate pentahydrate): 8 mg/kg; E5 M (manganous oxide): 35 mg/kg, E6 zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate, chelates): 120 mg/kg, E8 selenium (sodium selenite): 0.2 mg/kg. Metabolizable energy: 4005 kcal/kg.

Format: 14 kg, 4kg

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Salmon and Tuna Sum Sum

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