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Summum light chicken

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Product description

If your dog is overweight, or is of an advanced age and you are looking for a cheap light feed, we recommend that you take a look at Dog#1 SumSum feed from Dapac. A food made with dogs of these characteristics in mind with a composition rich in quality ingredients.

Summum's light/mature feed contains chondroprotectors to protect the joints from wear and tear and also includes liver protectors for the liver.

Currently the bag format is 18 kg, that is, 15kg +3 kg. Without a doubt, this dog food is a very economical alternative that does not leave aside the quality of the food.

Dogs with overweight problems increase the risk of suffering from other diseases. It is very important to give your pet the recommended amount of food for its weight and to do physical exercise. With the combination of both things, your furry friend will be in top shape.

Composition of SumSum light feed:

Dehydrated chicken meat 21%, dehydrated beef 14%, brown rice 20%, Iberian pork oil 7%, whole barley 12%, flours of vegetable origin, chicken liver, olive oil, omega-3 25 mg/ kg, omega-6 20 mg/kg, oregano, cinnamon, clove, thyme, rosemary, purple echinacea, green tea, liver protectors (milk thistle, boldo, camelina oil), honey, joint protectors (chondroitin, collagen and glucosamine) , yeasts, vitamins, trace elements and natural preservatives.

Analytical Composition:

Crude protein 26% – Crude fiber 4% – Crude fat 11% – Organic matter 9% – Calcium 1.4%.

Format: 18 kg, 4kg

If you are looking for a light food for your dog , you can find more variety in our store.

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Summum light chicken

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