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Dapac Mountain Hay - Rabbits and Rodents 1 Kg

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Hay constitutes a high percentage of the diet of the vast majority of rabbits, rodents and small rodents. This natural mountain hay from Dapac is one of the best options both for its quality, with long fibers and no weeds, and for its price, which barely costs €5/Kg.

Hay has a very important function on the health of rodents and rabbits:

  • It helps them digest and keep the digestive system in optimal conditions.
  • It provides them with the fiber they need in their diet
  • Contributes to the wear of teeth and molars, preventing excessive growth
  • It makes up approximately 70% of your diet

What is hay?

Hay is a food with a low calorie content, so it keeps our pets in line. Hay for rodents is dehydrated grass or forage. This process is carried out for two reasons: the first is to be able to preserve the forage for longer and the second is because the hay has between 75% and 85% water, so the nutrients are dissolved in this water.

By carrying out the process of dehydrating the forage to convert it into hay, the nutritional values ​​it provides increase considerably. This process is carried out through direct exposure of the forage to the sun.

In our store, in addition to Dapac's natural mountain hay, you can also find fescue hay for rabbits and rodents .

At Paraíso Mascota we advise you to choose quality hay to feed your pet since it is the main food in the diet of this type of living beings.

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Dapac Mountain Hay - Rabbits and Rodents 1 Kg

€4,80 EUR

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