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CHURU Cat Fillet - Tuna in Tuna Broth

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Product description

Discover the delicious Churu Braised Tuna Fillet in Tuna Broth, a tasty snack that will delight your pet. Each format contains 15 grams of pure temptation.

Prepared with succulent grilled tuna fillets, these snacks are an excellent source of high-quality protein. Your pet will enjoy an irresistible flavor while benefiting from the essential nutrients that this delicacy provides.

The Churu Braised Tuna Fillet in Tuna Broth is made with carefully selected ingredients. It contains 75.0% authentic tuna, providing a unique culinary experience for your pet. Additionally, 0.5% tuna extract, tapioca, collagen and green tea extract are included.

Regarding its nutritional composition, this snack stands out for its protein content, with 25.5%. The fat content is low, at 1.5%, and it also offers a low content of crude fibers (0.1%) and crude ash (2.4%). The humidity present in the product is 71.0%. Each kilogram of Churu Tuna Fillet Braised in Tuna Broth provides 1132 kcal of energy.

It is important to remember that this product is not intended to be administered as a complete meal, but rather as an occasional snack. Be sure to provide clean, fresh water to your pet every day. In addition, it is essential that you visit the veterinarian regularly to ensure the health of your pet.

To preserve it, it is advisable to refrigerate the product after opening it and serve it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that snacks should not make up more than 10% of your pet's daily diet.

Enjoy moments of shared happiness with your pet by offering them the Churu Braised Tuna Fillet in Tuna Broth. An irresistible and nutritious snack that will delight your furry companion. Caution: may contain thorns!

Ingredients: Tuna (75.0%), tuna extract (0.5%), tapioca, collagen, green tea extract. Nutritional Additives per kg: vitamin E (3a700) 162 mg. Technological additives: guar gum (E412) 0.3 g.

Analytical components: Protein 25.5% Fat content 1.5% Crude fibers 0.1% Crude ash 2.4% Moisture 71.0% Caloric content 1132 kcal/kg

Format: 15 grams

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CHURU Cat Fillet - Tuna in Tuna Broth

€2,30 EUR

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