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CHURU Cat Mega Pack 60 units

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Discover the delicious Churu Varieties in a box specially designed to pamper your cat that contains 60 delicious sachets.

These creamy rewards are made with natural tuna and chicken, without grains, preservatives or artificial colors. Their creamy texture and tasty flavors are irresistible for cats, making them a delight for their palate.

Churu Varieties are excellent for administering pills, as their soft and attractive texture helps hide medications and facilitate their ingestion. Additionally, its high moisture content contributes to the overall health of cats.

These treats have a low percentage of calories, which makes them a balanced option to reward your cat without worrying about their weight. In addition, its presentation in individual tubes facilitates manual feeding, providing an interactive experience and an innovative way to spend time with your beloved animal.

You can use Churu Varieties as a topper to enhance the flavor of your cat's dry or wet food, giving him an even more delicious experience at each meal.

Remember that these treats are a complementary food for cats and should be offered as a snack. Once the tube is opened, store it in the refrigerator and serve it the next day at the latest. Provide clean, fresh water to your cat every day. Pay special attention when hand-feeding and prevent the cat from chewing or swallowing the packaging material.

Churu Tuna Varieties:

  • Tuna and salmon recipe - 10 units

  • Tuna with cheese recipe - 10 units
  • Tuna with clam recipe - 10 units
  • Tuna recipe with shrimp flavor - 10 units
  • Tuna with crab recipe - 10 units
  • Tuna recipe with bonito - 10 units

Churu Chicken Varieties:

  • Chicken recipe - 10 units
  • Chicken with scallop recipe - 10 units
  • Chicken with cheese recipe - 10 units
  • Chicken with salmon recipe - 10 units
  • Chicken and beef recipe - 10 units
  • Chicken with beef and cheese recipe - 10 units

Regarding additives, the different recipes contain guar gum as a technological additive and aromas and botanically defined natural products as sensory additives. In addition, vitamin E is added as a nutritional additive.

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CHURU Cat Mega Pack 60 units

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