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Bentonite Clumping Clumping Sand 10L - Natural / Talc

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The 10 liter bentonite clumping cat litter is the perfect choice to keep your cat's tray spotless and free of unwanted odors. This litter is designed to provide a superior hygiene experience, without leaving traces of sand on your cat's paws and without generating annoying dust.

Two varieties:

  • Unscented
  • Talc scent

This bentonite clumping litter is completely scent-free, ensuring your cat doesn't feel uncomfortable using their tray. The absence of artificial fragrances makes it ideal for both sensitive cats and those who prefer a elimination experience without added odors.

The special formula of this litter guarantees excellent liquid absorption capacity. Each grain of bentonite expands rapidly upon contact with liquid waste, forming compact, firm clumps. These clumps facilitate daily cleaning of the tray, allowing you to easily remove them and maintain a hygienic environment for your cat.

One of the notable advantages of this sand is that it does not generate annoying dust during use. Its fine and compact texture minimizes the emission of dust particles, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for both your cat and you.

In addition, this clumping litter is specially formulated to prevent it from sticking to your cat's paws. The consistency of the agglomerated clumps ensures that they do not crumble easily, reducing the chance of sand spreading on the floor and keeping your home free of sand debris.

Main features of 10L bentonite clumping cat litter:

  • Unscented bentonite clumping litter for a comfortable disposal experience.
  • High liquid absorption capacity, forming compact lumps that are easy to remove.
  • Dust free, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.
  • It does not leave traces of sand on the cat's paws, reducing mess in the home.
  • Presentation of 10 liters for prolonged use.

Choose the 10L bentonite clumping cat litter and provide your cat with a clean and comfortable space for its needs. Order now and enjoy an effective and hassle-free hygiene solution!

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Bentonite Clumping Clumping Sand 10L - Natural / Talc

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