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My dog ​​eats dirt

Surely you have seen on more than one occasion how your dog puts things in his mouth to chew and even eat them, if so, you may find this article very interesting.

One of the habits that frequently occur in this sense is eating dirt, and you may wonder, Why does my dog ​​eat dirt? Below, we tell you 5 possible causes of this behavior and some recommendations to treat it.

What are the causes why dogs eat dirt?

The behavior of eating dirt can be caused by several reasons:

1. Because of hunger

This cause is not always related to hunger from not eating, it can also be related to some nutritional deficiency, whether generated by the quality and/or quantity of the food or by some health condition that prevents the digestive system from optimally absorbing all of the nutrients. nutrients, such as parasites in the stomach. In this case, we recommend that you deworm your dog regularly. In adult dogs, it is recommended to do internal deworming every 3 months.

If your dog eats dry food, you can check the back of the package to find out the appropriate amount for your dog's size and age. In addition, it is good to consult with your veterinarian about the amount of crude protein that your dog should eat to compare it with what his food has. (In our store you can find a wide selection of dog food ).

If you have opted for an alternative diet such as a raw diet or food prepared at home, it is best to go to the veterinarian or canine nutritionist to give us the appropriate proportions and quantities. These types of diets without professional supervision can be poorly balanced and lack some nutrients.

2. Due to stress and anxiety

Physical activity and the release of energy is one of the pillars of every dog's well-being. A dog may tend toward behaviors such as eating dirt if this part of his needs is not met.

When a dog retains a lot of energy due to lack of activity or generates anxiety due to a condition such as separation anxiety, these ways of behaving arise as an escape measure. If you think this may be one of the causes of your dog eating dirt, lengthening the outings and increasing games with your pet will help him stop eating dirt. You can also consult this post where we give you some ideas to avoid separation anxiety in dogs .

In many cases when we have a dog that has been weaned at an early age, it can generate a certain type of dependency on us to try to compensate for that emotional bond that it did not have with its mother. It is in these cases when detachment anxiety occurs and to resolve it, the guidance of a professional who knows how to manage these situations is very important.

3. Due to boredom or lack of attention

This cause goes a little hand in hand with the previous one, as with energy, if our dog does not receive enough attention or affection, it can cause anxiety and he will look for a way to get our attention, even if it is through scolding.

Dogs are social beings that learn everything they need through interaction and coexistence with other members of the pack and animals in the environment.

It is very important to pet and play with our dog in addition to feeding him and taking him out to do his business.

We recommend that you use toys when playing with him so that he can relate to them and use them in those moments when you cannot be part of the game. A good option are the interactive dog toys from the retorn brand , made with organic resin that are very pleasant and fun for the furry ones!

4. By knowing the environment

This cause is much more present in puppies than in adults, however it can also occur.

Puppies, like human babies, use all their senses to discover their surroundings.

When they are babies they put many things in their mouths and end up tearing them into pieces but not ingesting them, however, it can happen accidentally or intentionally and it is in these cases when you have to pay more attention to other details.

The first thing is to rule out that it is something toxic or harmful to our dog. It is also important to identify the frequency with which the puppy eats the dirt. If he does it regularly, it is important to take him to the vet to rule out any medical problem such as PICA syndrome, which is the next cause of dogs eating dirt.

5. Due to PICA syndrome

This syndrome is a condition that alters eating habits, causing the dog to search for and eat different non-nutritious objects such as dirt, stones, and even feces.

To treat this syndrome, we recommend that you go to your trusted veterinarian to make an appropriate diagnosis, which will depend largely on the information you can give about your pet.

Currently, veterinary medicine does not have laboratory tests that diagnose this syndrome, so it is vitally important that you pay close attention to everything your pet does. Repetitive habits are the first indicators that the veterinarian will look for.

That's all for today =D If you have any questions or would like us to answer your questions in future posts, contact us. We will be happy to help you!