¿Por qué huele mal mi perro?

Why does my dog ​​smell bad?

Many times those of us who have dogs are asked this question, why does my dog ​​smell bad? We are going to try to provide an answer and, above all, a solution to all the doubts that may arise regarding this important topic.

Is its smell normal?

You must keep in mind that dogs produce oil through their sebaceous glands that protect them from external factors. An excess of secretion can be the cause of a strong and unpleasant odor in the animal. But the most difficult thing for us is to distinguish the “normal” from the “abnormal” and here, we come in to help you solve this dog dilemma, and best of all, we are going to give you some guidelines that will help you identify the problem.
If after bathing and drying him correctly, your dog still has an unpleasant odor, he has a problem that may be due to any of the following causes:
- Excess fat : so that your dog does not accumulate sebum, there is nothing better than bathing him with a special soap. At Paraíso Mascota we make a natural shampoo for dogs , made from linseed oil whose properties you will be able to verify.
Flaxseed provides multiple benefits thanks to its components that balance the PH of the skin by regulating the appearance of sebum. It is a magnificent skin protector that also acts on wounds, burns or cuts. With its use, these substances accumulate in the skin, forming a protective layer against toxins. You will help prevent the appearance of skin diseases.

We must remember the importance of “prevention”, especially when we talk about the animal world, which is sometimes so difficult for us to understand.

- Otitis : more common in certain breeds with large ears such as the Cocker. If he shakes his ears a lot or scratches them very frequently, he may have an infection and that is when you should go to the vet. Otitis produces inflammation of the pinna with the consequent secretion that causes bad odor. To prevent this type of problem you should rub soap on their ears, pressing gently so that little by little the protective layer mentioned above is created. You can also use an ear cleaner for dogs .

- Diabetes : if you have bad breath with a sweet smell, drink a lot of water, get tired more than normal, eat a lot but do not gain weight and urinate very frequently, you have all the symptoms of this disease. To avoid bad mouth odor, apart from brushing your teeth two to three times a week, you should eat appropriate food that contains vegetables and the treats or treats should be as natural as possible. While you chew you are cleaning your gums .

- Atopic dermatitis : there are breeds that are especially prone to this disease. It produces a very intense and unpleasant odor. The veterinarian will prescribe an appropriate treatment and in this case, he will surely emphasize the importance of using a good product for his hygiene . Dogs with dermatitis need greater protection. The properties of flaxseed will act as a magnificent complement to the treatment indicated by the veterinarian. The fact that our soaps are natural and without added chemicals makes them perfect for these types of problems.

- Alteration in the glands of the anus : this alteration can be caused by a wound, fistula, parasites, etc. When your dog walks in that funny way on his butt, he is releasing those glands. If you repeat this movement insistently, you may have an alteration in the glands. And once again it is time to consult the veterinarian, in addition to taking care of the correct hygiene and disinfection of the area.

One of the most common causes of bad odor is poor hygiene habits. The frequency with which we should bathe them depends on the characteristics of the breed; but you should always keep in mind that it is not advisable to do it more than once a month. If you are looking for a natural shampoo for your dog , check out the Bopp Soul brand.

You should not make the mistake of thinking that the more you bathe him, the cleaner he will be since you eliminate the protective layer of fat from his skin and he will be exposed to external aggressions, achieving the opposite effect. Sometimes it is possible to avoid the shower if we use products such as disinfecting dog wipes or Bopp Soul dry shampoo .
There are a series of factors that can help us realize that our furry friend needs a bath:
  • In summer when the heat is very strong, it can be a good time to cool off with a bath.
  • If its hair is dirty, whether from dust, mud, grease or oil, the animal will not be comfortable, so it is also advisable to bathe it.
  • If he has been in contact with toxic substances, it is necessary to bathe him as soon as possible as this can trigger skin problems.
  • When it is in the shedding season, it is also advisable to brush it daily to prevent hair tangling and also remove dirt.

Finally, it is advisable to choose a suitable time to bathe our friend since once we have finished, his hair will be wet for a while and there is a possibility that he will catch a cold. To avoid this, it is recommended that bath time be when our pet is going to remain in an environment with the appropriate temperature until its hair is completely dry.

We hope you found it interesting. For any questions, suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us =)

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