pienso para perros alergicos al pescado

What food can I use if my dog ​​has a fish allergy?

Are you tired of looking for a food suitable for your dog allergic to fish and not finding any? Does your dog react badly to food containing salmon oil?

If any of these are your case, keep reading: we have the perfect solution for your furry friend and for you.

Is it possible to find food for allergic dogs?

It is more common than we think for our furry friends to have food allergies or intolerances. Chicken is the animal protein to which most dogs tend to be allergic . In the case of vegetable proteins, the most common is gluten (present in all cereals except rice).

For these common cases we can find numerous feed options that do not contain chicken or grain-free feed .

However, if our dog has an allergy to fish or salmon it becomes a little more complicated. The vast majority of feed available on the market has additives from fish.

Even if the bag says lamb or chicken in large letters, it is very possible that it contains some ingredient from fish.

The most used ingredient is salmon oil , very beneficial for dogs that tolerate it. Salmon oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, promotes kidney function, prevents arthritis, increases immunity and has a great influence on skin and coat that remain soft and shiny.

Another product that we can find in a large amount of feed is fish proteins or hydrolysates that are used to add animal protein or increase the flavor of the feed itself.

How can I know if my dog ​​is allergic or intolerant?

Allergies or intolerances in dogs can have very unpleasant consequences , both for the animal and its owner. The most recommended option to know what our furry friend is allergic to is the discard diet.

The discard diet consists of eliminating ingredients from the diet until we realize which one is causing the problems.

The first food that is usually eliminated from the diet is cereals, which cause most allergies and intolerances.

If by eliminating cereals, our dog continues to show symptoms, we should try monoprotein feed. Monoprotein feeds are made with a single animal protein. The Custom Diet brand could be an interesting option if we find ourselves at this point.

99% of the premium and super premium feeds that we find on the market contain salmon oil in their composition.

If at this point our dog continues to have itching or intolerance symptoms, we can try a fish-free feed .

What is the difference between an intolerance and an allergy?

In case of intolerance, vomiting or diarrhea appears shortly after consuming the food.

However, if the dog is allergic to a food, it also shows dermatological symptoms such as intense itching, dandruff, and skin inflammation. Added to the typical symptoms of intolerances (vomiting and diarrhea).

If we suspect that our pet is allergic to a food, it is advisable to consult the veterinarian.

What food can I use if my dog ​​is allergic to fish?

If we have already identified that our dog is allergic to fish , there are some very interesting options.

First we have the regular Satisfaction feed . It is a premium monoprotein feed , which uses only chicken as a source of animal protein. Does not contain any fish or fish oils. In this case, chicken has high amounts of protein and little fat. Although it is a feed aimed at overweight dogs, it is suitable for all types of dogs and perfect for those with an intolerance to fish.

The second option is carnivorous feed , its light version does not contain fish oil either. Carnivorous food is cheaper and is a very interesting option for dogs with fish allergies.