mi perro arrastra el ano por el suelo

My dog ​​drags his anus on the floor

Some dog owners may occasionally observe their pet dragging its butt on the ground in a rather funny posture.

Does your dog drag his anus on the ground? In this post we tell you if it is a cause for concern or not, and we advise you what you should do to solve it.

1. What movement is it?

When the dog sits on the ground and moves forward, dragging the anus along the ground with the help of its front legs, raising the hind legs above the ground.

It is a method of scratching by taking advantage of the rigidity of the ground. The behavior lasts a few seconds and then the dog gets up (often looking happier).

2. Problem with the dog's anal glands

Dogs have two small sacs on both sides of the lower part of the anus that deposit a substance that lubricates the stool to facilitate defecation and leave its mark.

This substance also serves as an identity card among dogs since it has its own special and strong smell (which is not the same as that of poop).

Most dogs regulate the amount of this substance with systematic defecation. However, some dogs, due to the anatomical structure of their butt, may have problems expelling the appropriate amount and therefore the substance begins to accumulate in the pouches and cause discomfort.

3. Why does your dog drag his anus on the ground?

The most common reasons why dogs carry out this behavior are the following:

- Inflammation of the anal glands
- Full anal glands
- Tapeworms
- Hairballs
- Rectal prolapse
- Constipation
- Anatomical structure

4. My dog ​​drags his butt on the floor, what do I do?

The first step should always be a veterinary consultation. The specialist will be able to correctly diagnose the problem your pet has and therefore provide solutions that will help him.

The solution may simply be to empty the anal glands, or your pet may require surgery.

If it is an anatomical problem, you may have to learn how to help your dog empty his anal glands.

5. How to empty the dog's anal glands?

Ask your vet to show you how to empty your dog's anal glands. It's not complicated at all, but sometimes it requires a little patience until you find the perfect spot where you need to press.

First, grab some kitchen paper and put on some latex gloves to avoid getting the anal substance dirty. To avoid irritation of your dog's anus, you can also use sanitary wipes that are softer. Grab your dog by the base of his tail and with your other hand squeeze both sides of his anus inward. A clear or slightly brown substance should come out, with a very strong odor.

Squeeze until the substance stops coming out. Your dog probably won't like this treatment, but the relief it will bring will make up for the bad time.

If you have had to empty your dog's glands, you may have to repeat it in the future as it is a recurring problem.

In the next photo we show you how to do it in a simple way.

If you have any questions or concerns about this topic or any other, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you.

That's all for today, see you in the next post =D