¿Cuál es el mejor pienso para perros?

What is the best dog food?

Will I be giving my dog ​​adequate food? It is a question that almost all dog owners have asked themselves on some occasion. The truth is that “we are what we eat” and in the case of our faithful companions exactly the same thing happens. A good diet can be the best way to prevent diseases and ensure that our friend has strong health.

What is a premium or super premium feed?

We all know that there are different qualities of food for dogs and cats.

There are very low quality feeds, which are what we normally find in supermarkets and large stores at a very affordable price.

We can also find mid-range or quality feed. These feeds are usually found in veterinary clinics and pet stores.

Finally, there are high-end or high-quality feeds, also called premium or super premium. We find these feeds in very few veterinary centers, some pet stores and mainly in online stores.

Why is the best food for dogs and cats usually found in online stores?

The factories of the best dog food are more concerned with selecting the best ingredients to produce a high-quality food, using natural ingredients such as fresh meats for human consumption, fruits, vegetables...

The companies that invest the most in marketing and advertising (those that we can see advertised on television, most veterinary clinics or in any type of conventional advertising campaign), tend to offer products with a composition of dubious quality.

How can I know if a feed is of good quality?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that better quality products have a higher price. Although a higher price does not always guarantee the best quality.

To know the quality of the product that we give to our pet, the first step is to carefully read the label on the container, paying attention to the composition.


When you read a label, you should know that the ingredients are arranged in order. This order is given by the percentage of said ingredient in the composition of the product. The first ingredient that appears will be the main ingredient and the last one that is found in a smaller proportion.

A good composition will help us prevent problems such as dermatitis, allergies or food intolerances and will improve the shine and quality of your hair and skin.

Low quality feed

Low-quality feed is mainly composed of cereals (despite the fact that there are a large number of animals that are intolerant to them), animal by-products (after this name, there are legs, heads or even hydrolyzed feather meal. In short, They are waste that for health or commercial reasons do not fall within products suitable for human consumption, but can be used in the manufacture of pet food). In addition, they contain a large amount of chemical additives, flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

This type of feed is easy to recognize since it normally has various colors and shapes to generate a false image of a variety of ingredients, but they are still artificial colorings.

Medium quality feed

This type of food for dogs and cats does not contain animal by-products, but its main ingredient is still cereals. Some contain chemical additives. It is also worth highlighting its low animal protein content.

Premium or super premium feed (high quality)

The best premium or super premium (high quality) feeds are made using fresh or dehydrated meats as the first ingredient, without grains or with a low content of them and using only natural additives based on minerals, vitamins and omega oils. This type of feed is made with the goal of covering all the nutritional needs of our pets and they also usually have specific varieties for each stage of their life or for specific problems that may arise such as overweight, joint problems, urinary protection... Among our products You can find grain-free food for dogs , hypoallergenic food and food for pets with more special needs.

The best dog food Brand Spain – Our Brands

At Paraíso Mascotas we are very aware of offering products of the best quality. That is why, in our store, you can find the best premium and super premium feed on the market at a very competitive price.

We would also like to clarify that all the feed available is produced by Spanish companies and 95% of them in Spain. A country with such a rich and varied gastronomy could not be less when it comes to the nutrition of our companions.

Next, we will show you some of the brands that you can find in our catalog:

Custom Diet

Custom Diet is a Spanish super premium feed brand that is committed to a very innovative concept. Their recipes are meticulously prepared by a veterinary team and contain a high amount of protein. Introduce the breakfast and dinner concept to our dogs, offering a greater energy intake to face the day and a dinner with fewer calories and a relaxing herbal cocktail for dinner. It is a feed without grains or GMOs that allows us to vary the flavor without our friend noticing when doing his business.

Breakfast range: breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives our dog the energy necessary to face the day with vitality. Among the varieties available for the Custom Diet breakfast we find feed made using up to 40% beef, rabbit and lamb. Always combined with potatoes, which are a great source of carbohydrates.

Dinner range: dinner is the last meal of the day and for this Custom Diet offers a variety of feeds with a lower caloric intake, combining it with a botanical cocktail that guarantees easy digestion and a pleasant rest. Among the flavors available in this range we can find salmon (rich in omega 3 and omega 6), tuna and turkey.


Ownat is a Spanish company based in Lérida that is responsible for the production of food for dogs and cats. It has different ranges that adapt to the needs of each dog and each owner. Their diet is based on the use of natural ingredients, as well as fresh meat in the preparation of their feed. In addition, their feed does not contain preservatives or colorings.

The variety of Ownat dog food is very extensive, but if Ownat is characterized by something, it is the use of fresh meat to prepare its food. In addition, they guarantee that none of their products have preservatives or artificial colors.

Ownat Just Grain Free: it is the flagship of the brand. They are feeds with an excellent quality-price ratio, their composition does not include any type of grain or cereal, which is why they fall within the group known as "Grain Free" and are aimed at dogs that have an intolerance to this type of ingredient. Its first ingredient is always fresh meat and can be chicken, duck, salmon and seafood, trout or lamb.

Ownat Prime: this range is made using up to 50% fresh meat and is low in carbohydrates. Among the varieties available we can highlight the products aimed at mini dogs (with a size between 1 - 10 Kg) of turkey and chicken or lamb; the puppy variety with an extra supply of nutrients for this important stage or the one aimed at senior dogs (from 6 - 7 years old) which is low in calories and whose recipe includes chondroprotectors to protect and strengthen the joints and ligaments of the wear suffered by age.

Ownat Classic: it is the brand's most economical range, but this does not mean that its quality is compromised. It is made using fresh meat and the appropriate proportion of cereals such as rice that provide the carbohydrates that our furry friend needs on a daily basis. We find the following varieties: chicken, duck, fish, puppy, lamb and rice, complet, energy and a special one for mini dogs with the kibble adapted to their size.

Here you can find the varieties of ownat grain free feed .

Satisfaction feed

Satisfaction is a skilled company that manufactures its products entirely in Spain. It has a wide range of super premium food for dogs and cats. To prepare the feed, they use natural and high-quality ingredients. Another aspect that characterizes them is the use of raw materials that come from crops and breeding intended for human consumption, guaranteeing high quality of the final product.

Satisfaction food is designed to meet the needs of all types of dogs. The satisfaction puppy and regular range adapts the size and composition of the kibble to the size of the dog. Thanks to this, it guarantees that our dog has all its food needs covered.

We can also find light and senior lamb varieties with extra chondroprotectors and a protein ration adapted to age.

The Satisfaction Nature range has two hypoallegenic monoprotein feeds, one lamb and the other salmon, which are perfect for dogs with food intolerances and allergies.

Satisfaction's manufacturing process is one of the most optimized thanks to the technology they have that cooks the ingredients at low temperatures, ensuring that the food retains all its nutritional properties and is well cooked.


This Spanish company with origins in Castilla y León is present in numerous countries around the world. It has a wide variety of food ranges for both dogs and cats. Their philosophy is against animal cruelty and abuse, something with which we could not agree more. Dibaq feed is a benchmark of quality in pet food.

Therefore, they understand that pets are another member of the family and offer them a holistic and natural diet.

They have a great team of veterinarians in charge of developing their recipes and controlling the ingredients used.

Dibaq Sense 100% natural is a range of high quality super premium feed, up to 50% fresh meat is used for its production. We find the Grain Free (without cereals) and Low Grain (with low cereal content) varieties. Their recipes are defined as "nutraceuticals", since they are made with a series of ingredients with active biological properties that strengthen your immune system and improve your quality of life. It is worth highlighting the wide variety of flavors and functional feeds they have for mini breeds, such as mini salmon or mini senior feeds for small elderly dogs.


Carnívoro is a Spanish feed brand that offers us a more economical range without neglecting the quality of the product. As the first ingredient it always has a protein of animal origin and the only cereal that appears in its composition is rice. It presents different formulas with lamb, chicken, defatted chicken, puppy and salmon that adapt to the different needs of pets. Without a doubt, it is one of the best feeds you can find at this price. Other competitors have products at similar prices, but not of the same quality. Check the available varieties of carnivore feed .

Among the varieties of the Carnivoro brand, we must highlight the sensitive food, made with fresh salmon made with 22% fresh salmon, it is perfect for dogs with delicate stomachs, in addition, thanks to the omega 3 and 6 that salmon provides, it contributes to Reinforces its immune system and guarantees a soft and shiny coat. The lamb and rice variety is aimed at outdoor dogs since lamb as the main source of protein constitutes an extra contribution of fat and energy. The light variety made with defatted chicken contributes to weight loss and is enriched with chondroprotectors to strengthen joints and ligaments.