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What is the best muzzle for my dog?

Why do you need a muzzle for your dog?

If you have a dog, chances are you need a muzzle for him regardless of his breed or size. There are situations in which you will need to put it on, such as a visit to the vet or a trip on public transportation . There is also a list of dog breeds called "Potentially Dangerous" (PPP) . These breeds are required by law to wear a muzzle in any public space.

Therefore, the muzzle should be part of your pet's “wardrobe” along with the collar, harness and leash. Although it is not an aggressive dog and is calm or playful. If you feel embarrassed about putting it on, you should know that a muzzle is not a punishment for your dog. As long as you use a suitable muzzle adjusted to the size of your pet's face, it doesn't have to be any discomfort . It's a matter of time before you get used to using it and don't even realize you're wearing it.

What are the types of dog muzzles?

If you have entered this page it is because you are probably looking for the perfect muzzle for your furry friend. At we want to help you with this task. What is the most comfortable muzzle for a dog? And the most suitable? It is important to know the different types of muzzles because not all of them fulfill the same functions . Below we are going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Basket or basket muzzle:

It is a typical basket-shaped muzzle. Without a doubt it is the most recommended for daily use. It allows the dog to pant without problems, which is the most important thing when choosing a muzzle.

Important note:

Remember that panting is the main way your dog regulates his body temperature, so it is not recommended to leave him with his mouth forcibly closed, as this could cause serious consequences.

There is a wide variety of basket muzzles: metal, plastic, leather or rubber, the latter being considered the most pleasant and comfortable material for the animal. If you want to ensure that your dog wears the most comfortable muzzle, we recommend the *Baskerville* type basket.

What is a Baskerville muzzle?

It is a rubber or silicone basket muzzle that, in addition to breathing freely, allows your pet to drink and eat while wearing it . This is a great advantage, especially in hot weather and for those dogs that stay with the muzzle on for a long time . Additionally, the Baskerville muzzle closure features a loop at the bottom of the muzzle, to pass the collar through. This system guarantees maximum safety, preventing the dog from taking it off under any circumstances . Given the safety, resistance and comfort that the Baskerville muzzle provides, it is one of the best options you can choose for your dog . You can find this muzzle in our store .

Cloth or nylon muzzle:

It is a cylindrical-shaped cloth, nylon or neoprene muzzle that holds the muzzle. Unlike the previous one, this one prevents the dog from opening its mouth and panting, so it is not highly recommended for walks and daily use . The cloth muzzle is used to “tie” the dog's mouth in short moments and when the dog is not physically active. It is important to remember that the dog should not be left for long without the opportunity to pant . This can cause serious problems for you.

Halti Muzzle (anti-pull):

It is a muzzle for dogs that pull a lot. It is not a typical muzzle, since it does not cover the dog's mouth, but rather it is a tape that goes around the muzzle in order to guide the head with the leash . Thus, the Halti muzzle disaccustoms the dog to pulling while you walk. If your pet won't stop pulling you during a walk and doesn't obey you when you correct him, the Halti muzzle can be a very useful tool . It is a training muzzle whose function is to hold the dog by the snout. Therefore, the dog can open its mouth freely as long as it is not pulling. The tape only tightens when you pull it. The muzzle has a ring at the bottom to which the carabiner on the leash is hooked. In this way, when the dog tries to pull, it has to do so with its head (specifically its muzzle), which is uncomfortable and useless .

Muzzles for short snouts:

There are dog breeds whose facial structure does not correspond to the typical elongated shape of a muzzle. For breeds such as French bulldogs or carlinhos, there are special muzzles that cover the muzzle like a mask . It is a special design for flat-faced dogs, which allows them to pant and protects them from bites.

Dog Muzzle Size Guide

Now that you know what type of muzzle you need for your dog, you have to know what size is most appropriate. It is clear that a muzzle for a Rottweiler will be much larger than a muzzle for a small dog. We have prepared a muzzle size guide, according to the size of the muzzle and its length, with several breeds as an example.
Remember that the sizes that appear in the guide are generalized. Therefore, it is advisable to measure to know the appropriate size (young dogs and females may need a size smaller) .
The size guide we present to you is based on universal sizes. It is used to choose a basket muzzle (especially the Baskerville, which is the most comfortable muzzle) or tube muzzles (not recommended for daily use) .

Now that you know the different types of muzzles that exist and you know what each one is used for, you are ready to choose the one that best suits your furry dog. The muzzle is an essential accessory for all dogs that at some point or another will have to use it, it is important to choose an appropriate one so that your friend feels comfortable with it.

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