neska la perrita sabia

Neska, the wise dog

Friends of “Paraíso Mascota”, starting today a very special character is going to be part of our team, it is our mascot, her name is Neska, she is a very smart, mischievous and unruly shepherd dog who is always around our store. He has long, dark hair, an intelligent and wise look, and a vitality…. It is evident that it is fed with our feed .

It has many qualities that make it different and that little by little you will discover. We have nicknamed her “the wise dog” , as soon as you meet her, you will know why. As he has a restless spirit, one of his favorite hobbies is sneaking into all the places that catch his attention. But where you like to get lost the most is in our store . When we receive new products, he stands in front of us with that characteristic wag of his tail, we already know he wants to try it... Come on, he just needs to speak or write... By the way, he's here again. And it seems to me that it means something:

Dear friends, I am Neska , mascot of this great Team. I heard what my colleague said and I couldn't agree more. Of course I understand everything they talk about and I even advise them on the best products with my wagging tail. They forgot to tell you that one of the things I like most is listening to what people say and that way I learn new things every day. I really like listening to television, especially the programs that talk about us, animals, I know many things and curiosities, all of them fascinating.

One of the team members is telling me that they are going to start a section in which I will be able to tell you a lot of interesting things about our world!! I'm running and barking to prepare my first story.