por que no debes dejar salir a tu gato

5 Reasons not to let your cat loose

Cats are freer and more independent animals than dogs . They don't need as much company as their furry siblings.

Since felines like to go to their own ball, they don't mind leaving the house alone to seek adventures on the street or in the countryside. No matter how much they want to go out, cats are not aware of the dangers that await them on the street .

If you are a responsible owner and are not sure if your cat should leave the house alone, read on. You must remember that as a pet owner, the responsibility for their actions is always yours.

My feline loves to go out and always comes back.

Why should I prevent my cat from leaving the house?

As we've already mentioned, most domestic cats don't mind spending time outside the home. You must keep in mind that at this time the cat is exposed to various dangers that can have very serious consequences for its health or even its life.

1.- Your cat is exposed to many diseases

When the cat goes loose on the street or in the field, it runs the risk of contracting one of many diseases.

There are several forms of contagion . The most common is contact with other cats or wild animals. For example, birds or small rodents that hunt. These animals are possible transmitters of diseases. Other ways of contagion for some disorders is contact with bodily fluids such as urine, blood or saliva from another sick animal.

The most common contagious diseases among cats are: otitis, distemper, feline leukemia (FelV), feline AIDS (FIV), peritonitis (FIP) or a multitude of parasites.

Unfortunately, there are no vaccines for everyone and some can be lethal for our michi . The only way to protect him from these dangers is to keep him at home.

2.- Cars driving on the street are a danger for your cat

The domestic cat is usually not used to street traffic. Therefore, the instinct to avoid the road has not been developed.

When a driver sees an animal, it is normal for them to stop until it leaves the road. However, cats are small animals and there is a high probability of not being seen by drivers in time.

A walk through the neighborhood, with bad luck, can have a tragic end for your pet.

3.- Other cats, dogs or nature itself can be a danger for a domestic cat

When your cat goes for a walk alone from home, he runs the risk of encountering predators (especially in the countryside), other cats and dogs.

All of these factors pose a risk to your feline since it will not always be able to escape danger.

4.- Poison and other types of humane traps for stray cats

Unfortunately, some bad people can turn out to be another predator for street cats .

This is something that is very difficult to avoid.

The poisons they leave to harm pets or other species and human cruelty towards animals pose a great risk for a cat that is loose on the street.

If you ever find a person leaving traps for animals that are on the street, you should report it to the authorities as soon as possible.

5.- Your cat can pose a danger to nature

Your kitten, no matter how cute he is to you, has an inevitable predatory instinct .

Cats love to hunt small prey such as birds or rodents, which form a natural part of the ecosystem to which the domestic cat does not belong.

On the other hand, if your cat is not sterilized, she can become pregnant (if she is a female) or fertilize a cat in the case of a male. This can cause an uncontrolled increase in the population of a feline colony .

Sterilizing your cat has many benefits, both for you and your pet.

We hope that the reasons presented in this article convince readers that they should prevent their cat from leaving the house alone .

The best option for everyone is to stay home. If you want him to go outside, walk him on a leash! There are harnesses and leashes for cats. Even a small canine collar is totally suitable for a cat too.

How to prevent my cat from being bored?

On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable locking the cat home alone for several hours, you can consider bringing a companion .

However, it is a very serious decision and must be thought through carefully.

There are also several activities that the cat can do to avoid boredom. For example, a window where you could watch birds, cardboard boxes or cat toys.

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